Ten Inspiring Educators With Life Lessons For Us All

What makes a teacher? 

Is it age? Experience? Or the ability to impart learning in a manner that stays with the student forever?

Teachers at all levels have the power to turn the tide and transform the Indian education system into a multidisciplinary, holistic, progressive, and skill-focussed landscape. They mould our children, and thus, directly impact their futures and the future of the nation.

Given the very special occasion we celebrate tomorrow — Teacher’s Day — we decided to compile the stories from our Behind Every Step series that feature an educator at the helm. 

A young child of only ten, a corporate-trailblazer-turned-ECCE educator, a historical legend, a counsellor, and many more — our series highlights every person who has been responsible for helping others acquiring knowledge and skills, including parents, Anganwadi workers, and more.

About Square Panda India’s ‘Behind Every Step’ series: For every child who learns something new, there is a person behind them, supporting them as they take new steps along their educational journey. Each week, we showcase a new and inspiring tale from everyone who teaches, including educators, children, parents, and other stakeholders across the education landscape.

Have an inspiring educational story or know someone who has been a part of path-breaking work? Contact us at marketing@squarepanda.in or comment below, and we’ll feature your story in our upcoming Behind Every Step post.

Behind Every Step Stories

STORY 1: Savitribai Phule

The very first teacher to set an example was born in a time when women teachers were practically non-existent in India, and the caste system held sway over such matters. See how this brave woman turned the tide for education in Maharashtra, and indeed, India: Read More >>

STORY 2: Chitra Chaugule

After becoming a teacher through fateful circumstances, she fell deeply in love with this profession. See how Chitra Chaugule’s journey saw her swap a corporate job for impacting early education: Read More >>

STORY 3: Unnati Thakkar

Inclusivity in education is her passion, as Ms. Thakkar came to realise. To think, she almost chose a completely different career for herself! Read about her story: Read More >>

STORY 4: Vaishali Nandoskar

Education is about the school, teachers, AND parents, as this mom and dad realised. See how they support their child’s school learning – at home – to help her gradually choose her own independent path in life: Read More >>

STORY 5: Veronika Brighteen

As we celebrate teachers, let us also acknowledge the little ones doing their own teaching. Like 8-year-old multilingual Veronika, who helps her Amma and her little brother learn different languages. Get inspired by her efforts: Read More >>

STORY 6: Saanvi Sinha, Grade 3

Meet yet another young learner-turned-teacher, who is using school closures to guide herself in her studies. This little learner has discovered a love for writing and uses that to alleviate her boredom, she says. Read her story in her own words: Read More >>

STORY 7: Meenal Gawlani

See how one person’s determination to leave the world a better place resulted in an inspiring tale of education, mentoring, and giving back to society: Read More >>

STORY 8: Lokesh Sharan

For teachers, it is not about the money, but the learning they can impart to their students. Read this tale of an extraordinary person striving to teach children for the cost of just one rupee: Read More >>

STORY 9: Jyoti Pande

Being a teacher is about more than teaching, as this story demonstrates. Especially an early years’ teacher. They have to be teachers, guides, life coaches, disciplinarians, and peacekeepers too. We hope Ms. Pande’s incredible story guides your own actions while teaching younger generations. Read all about it, here: Read More >>

STORY 10: Yogendra Bangar

For our final pick, we chose the tale of a school where no student is below 60. Curious? Click this link to read about Fangane village’s Aajibaichi Shaala: Read More >>

Teachers have long been the most crucial part of the education sector in India. Their efforts have doubled over the past year, and they have adapted to new styles and modes of teaching despite being unfamiliar with it themselves. We take this opportunity to thank every teacher for making sure childrens’ learning never stops.

Written by Square Panda India
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