A growth partner to the central and state governments

We are actively engaged in addressing education & skilling challenges across India


End-to-end learning solutions

We help realise a child's full potential through holistic interventions


Mobilising and Empowering Communities through inclusive grassroots initiatives


The Assam government is actively instituting local language-based education across the state.


The Odisha School Education Programme Authority has decided to map student access to learning modes through the Student Specific Access Plan (SSAP) in order to reduce loss of learning and improve classroom teaching.


The Maharashtra government has proposed a plan to digitize 500 Ashram schools in order to deliver quality education to underprivileged students.


The Delhi government plans to develop a school hub spread over 11 acres to inspire holistic development.

Square Panda India takes a whole-system to growing India's education ecosystem, and offers an array of products, programs, and end-to-end solutions that address the diverse needs of the education system.

Growth Growth


  1. Digital & Physical Libraries
  2. Hanging Library
  3. Teaching Learning material for AW & Schools
  4. E Content for various subjects
  5. Gamified, PAL Based content
  6. MOOCs

Applied Learning Solutions

  1. Vocational Labs
  2. STEM and STEAM Labs
  3. ICT Labs
    Tinkering Labs
  4. Language Labs
    Model Schools
  5. School on Wheels
Growth Growth
  1. Early Learning
  2. Foundational Literacy & Numeracy
  3. Science & other subjects
  4. Educator & Administration upskilling
  5. PAL Based learning
  6. Youth skilling & mentoring
  7. English & Business skills for employability
  8. Road Safety program
  9. Cybersecurity program
  10. Certifications & assessments
Growth Growth
  1. Build capacity & involvement of parents through interventions and engagement
  2. Develop community capacity, enabling them to actively monitor learning outcomes and the delivery of education services
Growth Growth
  1. Wifi setup
  2. Tablets
  3. LAN setup
  4. SMART TVs and Classrooms
  5. Civil and Infrastructure

Our interventions span the lifetime of a child's education journey, and impact multiple factors that influence his/her educational achievement - such as learning, teacher support, parent support, educational infrastructure, access to technology, health, & exposure to other skills.


Our multifaceted programs are designed to help each stakeholder of the Indian education system - educators, students, Anganwadi workers, school administrators, community and the Government - reach their learning and developmental goals. In order to effect holistic change, we work across the entire education landscape, impacting diverse areas such as curriculum, skilling, awareness, and technology. We heavily leverage technology and data to create replicable and scalable models of intervention across end-to-end services and solutions that include consulting, program designing, implementation, evaluation, and governance.


Each of the programs and services under the umbrella of our flagship initiative, Aarambh, are aligned to policy frameworks and use cutting-edge technology to impact Indian education.

Growth Growth
  1. Learning outcomes aligned to NCERT/SCERT
  2. Dual language approach (English + Vernacular)
  3. Contextualised for different geographies across India
  4. Personalised learning journey through the use of adaptive engine
  5. Various styles of teaching learning - instructor led and self driven
  6. Ongoing assessment to ensure continuous comprehensive evaluation (CCE)
Growth Growth
  1. Employs the latest technology and best practices in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  2. Robust data analytics to monitor performance and derive insights
  3. Works across different platforms such as tablets, desktops, phones
  4. Designed to work in offline or online environment

We aim to revolutionise India's education ecosystem and create a long term impact by upskilling Anganwadi workers, empowering pre-primary and primary educators, providing foundational learning to children, creating modern content and infrastructure, and uplifting communities across India.

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