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Through research-based insights, we seek to inform policy decisions and shape the education landscape

We have put in years of research in early childhood learning and understanding how young minds evolve, and this has been borne out by our track record of successful education interventions. Our mission is to address all the factors that impact a child's development, and thereby holistically transform the education landscape to meet the needs of the 21st century.

About our research
Case study

State of Foundational Literacy & Numeracy

The State of Foundational Literacy & Numeracy report highlights the importance of the foundational learning years in the overall development of a child and further emphasizes on the role of well-planned early interventions like the National Education Policy (2020) and the NIPUN Bharat guidelines, leading to long-term improved learning outcomes.

Case study

Foundations Matter: A Key Role for Foundational Literacy Skills & Evidence-Based Instruction White Paper

Learn the critical components of evidence-based reading instruction, phonemic awareness & phonics, and why they are critical to helping students succeed.

Case study

Pencil Power Report

With learning outcomes constantly low across India, there is a gap in the structured learning and early education guidelines in Anganwadis/Balwadis/Nand Ghars. The Pencil Power Report takes a look at realistic and sustainable solutions for better implementation of ECCE in India

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