Square Panda is now in India!

From Sunnyvale, California, to Mumbai, India, Square Panda has had a long and eventful journey.

Born out of a vision to increase the reach of early literacy, we hope to greatly boost education in beginner learners through our learning system.

Our adaptive multisensory phonics learning platform is based on Artificial Intelligence, and uses the latest neuroscience research in the field of early learning to create educational games for young students.

Watch tennis legend Andre Agassi talk about teaching children with Square Panda.

To gain a greater understanding of what beginner learners require, and to better cater to their educational needs, we partnered with educators, neuroscience researchers, and child specialists, who now form our core team.

Based on a curriculum that combines Montessori, Waldorf, and Reggio Emilia pedagogy, along with Gardner’s Theory of Intelligences, our interactive game-based learning environment supports students from all boards, whether ICSE, CBSE, IGCSE, and even IB.

Our Tools To Teach:

A multiple award-winning platform, our technology helps children develop well-rounded skills like phonemic awareness, letter and word identification, an enhanced vocabulary, and more.

Emphasizing on Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing, our instructional and exploratory platform turns children into self-directed learners.

Our intelligent software works behind the scenes, analysing the patterns of play, the preference towards a particular game, the challenges, and the progress made, to inform the system which level is most appropriate for the learner at any point in time.

Parents and educators alike can monitor children’s/students’ progress with specialised portals.

If you are worried about protests from kids for sitting down to learn, don’t be! They will be having too much fun to even notice they are studying. Don’t believe us? Watch this video…

With a cloud-based visual and vocabulary bank, and the option to add more words as per requirements, learners will constantly be getting new stimulation.

Now you know their time spent in front of the screen won’t be going to waste, aren’t you breathing easier?

To boost your own little reader(s), subscribe to Square Panda’s online educational games as soon as you can!

Sanjana Shukla, Content Writer, Square Panda India

Written by Square Panda India
Empowering children with the power of literacy and languages, Square Panda India provides an adaptive, multisensory, phonics learning platform to early learners everywhere.