All You Need To Know About The Latest SquareTales Update

Change! Everyone loves it, don’t we?
That said, nothing about your favourite early reading app has changed much; we’ve just added some features that we’re sure your little learners will enjoy.


  • New Books!
    We’ve added a new set of books for your early readers to learn from. Subscribe and enjoy 5 sets of digital books including:
    Pan, Cam and the Bug
    – Pan and Cam Hum
    – The Cub in a Tub
    – The Hot Pot
    Dot, Dot, Dot: Review #
SquareTales digital books, Set 5
  • Reduced App Size!
    We listened to feedback, and made as many optimisations as we could to reduce the size of our app.
  • Animation!
    What were once mere images, are now cute little animations, to boost your child’s engagement as they learn new letters, words, and word sounds. Where these animations appear:
    – In our blending engine, ‘Swipe Phonics’.
    – Inside the digital books 

Want to see how this looks? Try SquareTales out; get the first 5 books for free, from the App Store and Play Store.

  • Other General Fixes
    – Subscription price corrected to rupees, instead of showing in dollars.
    – Users can now move to the next practice word, without earning a star, if they choose. For that end, we added the ‘Next’ arrow beside every practice word.
Learning to read with SquareTales Reading App

These little things can make a big difference in how children engage and learn with SquareTales.

New to SquareTales? Get started with our User Manual, or contact customer services to guide you.

Download from the App Store and Play Store today. Visit for more information about our unique early reading app.

Credits: Written by Sanjana Shukla

Written by Square Panda India
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